Setting goals for 2010

I know January is the time of the year where people are crazy over scheming resolutions, setting goals and planning their lives. Well, I am never different.

So while I have already set my goals for 2010 privately, here are some of the items that I would  like  to (and I can)  share with you:

  • Be fit. This would include becoming physically fit by working out regularly and choosing what to eat religiously, becoming mentally fit by catching up with new technologies that would be generally helpful later on in my chosen career path (for present and future roles), and becoming socially fit by interacting more with hoomans and engaging in different interpersonal encounters, relationships and whatnots.
  • Be wealthy. While reaching my first million is still an impossible feat for this year, my definition for being wealthy would mean no debt of any sort. No credit card statements and no late or unpaid bills. My emergency fund should equal half of my annual salary, my monthly residual income should be able to sustain my monthly expenses. Also, having the liberty to be random in shopping and spending would be a mark wealth. And it should also mean that I can survive 5months of being unemployed.
  • Be popular. Not that I crave for a 2minute fame for American Idol audition or something (but it would be nice, come to think of it LOL). What I mean here is I should establish my online presence (again) like it’s 2007 once again. Reclaim the fame wtf! But seriously, for the lack of better term what I mean with popular here is to increase my readability – generate threads of conversation through my posts and get involve in supporting at least an advocacy.
  • Be a linguist. I know it would take time that’s why I should start now. People who can speak more than three languages fluently really amaze me. So this year I will be on my way to being a linguist, and the first language I would like to learn is Korean, in preparation for next year’s visit in Seoul.
  • Be a jet-setter. Going to places is one my passion. I am lucky that it is also one of Boiffie’s interest. Last year we went to places and we would love to travel more this year. We have already planned this year’s vacations and I hope we can pull off all those trips given that we have limited resources.
  • Be pretty and happy. And my success in these fields really depends on how I control the variables. Being pretty is never only about soft curls or flowing black hair, or soft and smooth skin, or wearing makeup and being fashionable. Most of the time, being pretty is just being confident and comfortable. Most days I can pull off a lazy outfit but can still feel very pretty. Happiness also is a controlled variable – everyday you wake up and you decide that it’s gonna be a happy one, and like magic it will be. So to achieve being pretty and happy, I must decide to be pretty and happy 🙂

That would be all. =) See ya soon.

Author: pinkurinal


  1. nice list Babba! I’m very optimistic that you can achieve all of these before 2011 since they look attainable. have a great 2010 Babba!!!

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