Shu Uemura Mirage Spring Mode Makeup 2009 Collection

Shu Uemura Mirage Spring Mode 2009 Makeup Collection

Shu Uemura Mirage Spring Mode 2009 Makeup Collection

Shu Uemura features Mirage Spring Mode this Spring 2009. It exhibits the use of light and shadow techniques to create pure and natural woman imagery.

Here’s the must-have collection this Spring:

Spring Mode Makeup Eye Shadow comes in two set of palettes, Fantasia and Utopia, consisting of “light and shadow” combinations of pastel and pearly light colors.
Price: $40

Spring Mode Makeup Defining Cheek Palette has two set of palettes, Orange Phase and Misty Glow, each consisting of one translucent cream blusher to create dimenson and one vivid powder blusher to create a defining finish.
Price: $38

Spring Mode Makeup Drawing Pencils add accent to the dimension created by the eye shadow palette, here are three eye pencil with glowing colors – Pink, Lilac and Light Blue.
Price: $19

Spring Mode Makeup Lip Duo Tint and Gloss is a new Shu Uemura product, a double-deck pack of vivid rouge color to provide a glowing tinti and a pale pink gloss to wrap the lips shiny.
Price: $32

In addition, to there Mirage Spring 2009 Mode Collection are the Rouge Unlimited 768, Rouge Unlimited 347 and Rouge Unlimited 934 in spring shades of pink, nude and brown to match the Mirage Spring Mode Makeup.

I haven’t got any luck finding these stuff here. Maybe they are not yet rolled out in the Philippine market.

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