StreetDance 3D in Gateway Cinema

Last Sunday, Boiffie and I watched StreetDance 3D in Gateway. Yes I was supposed to finish my problem set in Advanced Algo that time but but but *roll eyes*.

UK's StreetDance 3D

So while I was draining my brain to solve algo-and-stat-related problems, I asked the Boiffie to buy movie tickets. I stayed in Starbucks Gateway for a good 4 hours, had dinner in Max’s (three quarter-chicken FTW!) and went back to Starbucks for coffee and more probset-solving then by 10pm we’re off to a very good movie treat!

So about the movie, hmm I would give it a three-star rating. Over five of course. Wait, let me tell you about the cinema first. It’s my first time to watch a 3D movie in Gateway and I was really impressed that their 3D glasses are still relatively new, compared to those of MOA and Greenbelt.

Anyway. About the movie. StreetDance 3D is a UK film that features great dancers from Britain’s Got Talent; George Sampson from 2008, Diversity and Flawless from 2009. Oh George, what a cute little kid. The plot is like that of Step Up movies – a dance screw winning a street dance competition and to be able to do that they would have to merge styles other than street dance (in this case it’s ballet).

I am a very big fan of SYTYCD and dancing in general. So things like this really excite me. That’s why the moment I found out that it’s showing in cinema, I watched it immediately. I can’t wait for Step Up 3D! It’ll be coming to cinemas first week of August. Wooot!

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