Suesh Pink Vanity Box

Yeay! Boiffie and Bestie (and myself) got me a pink vanity box!

Dimension: 306x220x245mm

Dimension: 306x220x245mm; Price: Php2500 @

I saw this one from Suesh and I fell in love instantly. I forced my bestfriend and my boyfriend to pledge 1000 each so I can buy this. Hahaha it feels good to be loved! Thanks guys, I lubbyoo!

I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I imagined staring lovingly at while I did work on my laptop or when playing party poker. I thought about walking into the airport with it and the admiring glances I would get. Hehe! I literally couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

Two weeks  ago, Boiffie and I dropped by Suesh’ showroom in Greenhills to pick up the box. Unfortunately, they’ve already closed when we arrived. We were just a few minutes late then, and I cursed the traffic in Greenhills, and I was really frustrated. The next day, I asked the Bestfriend to pick up the box somewhere in Timog and he gladly obliged. (Uhmm okay, to be honest, it took me a lot of pleading to get him get the pink box hahaha) That was a Sunday, and after church we met and I was giggling like a little girl all the while!

I was so hyped when I saw my pink vanity box at last! It’s perfect for my little collection of brushes and cosmetics. There’s still plenty of room and it’s like begging for more products to be put there LOL Hello makeup shopping soon!


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