The Big Bang Theory – my weekend’s sweets and LOL

Last week I started watching The Big Bang Theory. And because I had not much to do that weekend, I spent the whole Saturday marathon-ing season one.

I got hooked from the very first episode! I just can’t stop! Who wouldn’t like Sheldon, the child prodigy who got two PhDs and an IQ of 187 but has no understanding whatsoever of the concepts of sarcasm, humor, humility and girls? And the way the Jim Parsons portrayed Sheldon’s character is superb and comedic in all sense! No wonder he got a nomination for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series.

Other characters in BBT are Leonard, Sheldon’s bestfriend and housemate who is inlove with the blonde neighbor Penny who lives across the hall, and the two other nerds Howard who considers himself a “ladies man” and would always throw pickup lines whenever possible, and Rajesh who have chronic shyness to the point that he becomes mute when in front of females (but not until he got drunk on one of the episodes in season one that he gets to talk to Penny!).

Oh well, the series is really a big LOL. I would really burst into laughters while watching. I admire the creators Chuck Lore and Bill Prady. I wonder who is Sheldon and who is Leonard from the two of them. That’s what they say when you create something, or write something, you always put a bit of yourself in your characters.

Anyhoo, I have nothing else to say but I love The Big Bang Theory and I can’t wait to see the end of my shift today and start watching seasons two and three. Wee what a nice way to spend my weekend. (Oh, not that I don’t have a social life that I would always spend my weekends watching tv series.)Wooot ~=>

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  1. I was thinking of buying a dvd of this series last week but decided against it. Maybe next time. Thanks for “reviewing” it! 🙂

    I’m into tv series as well. As in! Meaning, wala rin akong social life. huhu. lol 🙂

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