The Pink Life – a blog name and a song title

I was just scanning the list of search engine keywords that people use to find my blog, or keywords that gets people to my blog and there was “the pink life” among the list. And so I goooooogled it myself to see which comes first in the list. Of course my blog does, lol.

So what did I find out? That there’s a song titled The Pink Life (by Mike Doughty), there’s a couple of other blogs with blog name the same as mine (The Pink Life) and my previous blog name before this one (Living the Pink Life). Hmmm that makes me not-unique. Now I am wondering if I’d stick with Pink Urinal instead. Yuh, just to keep the unique-ness of it. Watcha think?

Anyhoo, for those interested about the lyrics of the song, here: The Pink Life – Mike Doughty Lyrics

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