I dreamt of becoming a florist

Did you hear I’m trying to put up my own franchise of a flower shop? Well.. not exactly. But this coming Valentines, which by the way is the first time I would have to spend alone since I first got a boyfriend in college, I thought of this awesome idea of just spending my day making other people happy. Or sort of.

The idea came to me what I was having coffee with my colleagues two weeks ago. I was sharing to them how I’ve always wanted to be a florist but never really gave the thought a real consideration. And then it came to me – flowers for the coming Valentines Day. Awesome. Since I’m anticipating I would not have a date, I would happily deliver flowers instead.


And so I started talking to my guy friends and asking them to help me pursue my endeavor. HAHAHA! So far I have 9 orders! Yeay! If this succeeds, I might open an online flower shop.


First bouquet I sampled. I want something more sophisticated than this.


Anywaaay. To cut the looong story, I went back to Manila last night to canvas for another supplier because I lost contact with my previous one. On my visit, I got a bouquet of pink roses and I bought a bundle of red roses that I could play around with. I wish I bought more supplies because when I was trying to make a bouquet at home, I don’t have any tape to tie my  bundles with. And yes, I ran out of papers and wraps.

Dried up bouquet from last week, fresh pink bouquet, a bundle of red roses and fillers.


So there. I tried to cleaning two dozens of roses and was it hard! Omygad. I wish I had rubber gloves on. I don’t think I can do this on Valentines eve – cleaning about 14 dozen of roses T___T

I might not be able to finish if I pursue that, so what I think I would do is to get arranged flowers already (unwrapped) and I will just wrap it myself, so I can be creative with the presentation. And yes, I could not make a hand-tied bouquet because really, my hands are really small to hold up twelve roses plus fillers! Or maybe, it would come in practice.. hmmm

Cleaned roses!


And because I miserably failed in making a hand-tied round bouquet, I just made a three-roses arrangement instead. Took me less than 5 minutes. Like a boss.



I am very much excited for next week. I will take some time to find metallic cellophane with heart prints or kiss prints this weekend. I think cellophane or film are better to use as wraps than japanese papers. IDK. Or I can mix and match. I hope to pull this off.


The only thing I was able to accomplished the whole night. Haha!


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  1. Namumulaklak si Cai ah hehe 😀 Tama yan. Kung walang jowa sa valentines, might as well make other people happy and at the same time earn some money hehe 😀 Congrats. Another passion of yours na mae-explore ng bonging-bongga 😀

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