Yeay! Finally, a weekend I can call relaxed and refreshing. It wasn’t the best weekend I had but I liked it much, well save for the fact that I went to the ER again last night after a long time because I was crying with a friggin headache and I was vomitting blood.

Anyway, what made this week so special? More special than the Subic and Boracay getaway last week? I dunno, maybe it’s the simplicity of things and the humblenesss of the activities I did this weekend. Or maybe because it was spent with the two most special guys in my life: the Boiffie and the Bestfriend.The whole Saturday was spent with the Boiffie, I accompanied him to his dentist because he’s due to receive his retainers. We went to the far land of Bulacan then back to Trinoma where we would catch I Miss You Like Crazy later that day. The commute to Bulacan and back is tiring considering that it was around 3 in the afternoon – the sun is stubbornly up and the time suggest a nice siesta sleeping in a hammock at the back of your house, under that big Langka tree, you know what I mean.

So Saturday was a visit to the dentist, stroll in the mall, dinner, frozen yogurt, I Miss You Like Crazy, and a visit to The Medical City. Doesn’t sound like a real fun day but it is for me. I got to enjoy one carefree day with my Boiffie, away from work, away from stress, away from my phone sending EGN messages* every so often.

Then came Sunday with the Bestfriend. Because of the visit to the ER, it took me million of years to got off my bed. I woke up past 2pm and it felt like I still wanted more sleep. But I have a worship to attend to so I needed to drag my lazy butt off and went to shower. Bestfriend and I had late lunch before going to church. Then we dropped by SM Marikina to buy some stuff and do a little grocery. We were screaming “Marikiks”* the whole friggin time. I don’t know but it’s was one helluva fun!

“Manong, dalawang Marikiks”, the Bestfriend said to Manong FX driver when he gave our fare. We kept on saying “Hello Marikiks” and “Buhbye Marikiks” and we laughed our silly lungs out.

Then I went home tired but still has the energy to cook the mother a kickin’ pasta. I made her Tuna Basil in Spicy Tomato Cheese sauce poured deliciously over a nice pile of angel hair pasta. I know that sounds really yummy. And I’m not kidding you when I said it’s kicking! I wish all of you can have a taste of it haha.

And then I spent the rest of my Sunday doing my “me” thing: I watched episodes of American Idol, played a bunch of games in FB, scribbled a little on my private journal, downloaded stuff (movies, mp3’s, ipa’s, games) and blog.

I am glad I had this weekend. It reminded me of:

  • the small things I used to enjoy – and I still, like reading a book and committing to finish it, cooking a random dish for my mom or the Boiffie or for my friends, strolling around the kitchenware area of a department store wishing for the pretty glistening stuff to have on my own kitchen someday, finishing a story or a film (I haven’t made a film for almost two years already, and I haven’t written anything since I graduated college) and how I missed out on those things recently and how I wanted to get back in doing those stuff again.
  • how lucky I am to have these people around me who care for me so much, and should I say they GENUINELY care about me because really, in one’s life or another, there’s a bunch of people who just pretend to care, I know some and I tell you..
  • the raw talents people believe I have, and how I think it’s all gonna go to waste if I don’t do anything about it, that’s why I’ll be going to LIRA this year and maybe enroll in SOFA or Sinelab or I dunno, any way I might utilize and most especially improve on the stuff they believe I am good at, because really I’m finding it hard to find something I know I am good at

Me wants to have more weekend like this one. Aja!

See you guys around =)

*EGN messages – work-related stuff, Marikiks – SM Marikina

Author: pinkurinal


  1. I miss your boiffie and your bestfriend too! Haha 😛

    Asan na si Deadlink? LOL. I want to spend the weekend once sa Figaro Gateway and go back to the times where things were simple.. wala lang 🙂

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