What do you do when you open your Facebook?

What do you do when you open your Facebook?

What do you do when you open your Facebook?

Me? I play games. Seriously.

Currently, I am keeping Barn Buddy, Farm Town, Mafia Wars, Street Racing and Pirates on track. I used to regularly check Restuarant City and Pet Society but suddenly I got tired it. Also, as of writing, I am being competitive with Typing Maniac, Bejeweled Blitz, Chain Rxn and Word Island.

I also post regular updates. But that’s because my Ping.fm account updates my facebook, twitter and plurk all at once.

I seldom read my friends’ updates *sorry friends*, only those times that I accidentally click the ‘Home’ button link on the menu bar.

So I think I failed teh sense of having a Facebook account: the sense of building a network. Mehe. 😀

Now tell me, what do you do when you open your Facebook? Seriously, I wanna know. 🙂 The comments box is down there 😀

Author: pinkurinal


  1. Nakapasok na ako LOL. Bago na pala layout mo hehe 😀

    Ako i seriously take those quizzes for my Facebook Quiz blog LOL and at the same time stalk people 😀

    1. I changed it for a while, I thought there was something wrong with the layie. I switched back na! haha 😛

      Also, hindi pa rin ok ung blog ko. Kasi when I access it from our house, meron pa ring warning eh.

  2. Read some useful links, notes, videos, etc.

    Typing Maniac, PetSoc, and the like.


    invading other’s FB chatbox. xDD

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