Who doesn’t love Oreo?

I was feeling a little down when I woke up yesterday. But my mood instantly shifted from gloomy to happies when I ate two Oreo cookies ( an officemate was sharing his Strawberry-filled Oreos to everyone! ). That’s how magical Oreo can be.


Oreo. Milk's favorite cookie. <3

So here’s some facts about Oreo ( these would probably be useless but I’ll post it anyway hahaha ):

  • There are different theories as to where the name Oreo came from. Some says it was originally from a Greek word orexin meaning appetizing, oros meaning mountain ( as the original oreo cookies were mound shape ) or oreo (o-ra-yo) meaning good.

Oreo tower. I'd probably have diabetes after finishing this one.

  • But what’s sure is that Oreo was first called Oreo Biscuit. Then the name was changed to Oreo Sandwich ( 1921 ), then to Oreo Creme Sandwich ( 1948 ) and Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookie ( 19 74 ). Well, that is if you trust Wikipedia Hahaha
  • The 345 Billion oreo cookies could fill up the world’s largest freight trains ( consisting of 660 freight cars ) 45 times, could reach the moon and back ( five times! ) if you stack them up, and could circumnavigated the world 381 times at the equator.

Giant Oreo. How else can you pimp an almost perfect snack? You blow it up! ( from pimpthatsnack.com )

  • There are twelve flowers on the cookie’s floral design, on each side. And yes, I actually look at it and counted.
  • Oreo is made of awesome. And magic.
And because we just can’t get enough of oreo cookies, we have oreo pizza, oreo ice cream, oreo milkshake and more more more oreo stuff!!
Now, I’d go back finishing my Doublestuf. Ktnx.

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