Why does your boyfriend cheat

It’s a timeless question women have asked since time immemorial: what’s the reason why he cheated? Then these follow: what could have I done to have prevented it? what went wrong? was it my own fault?

Damn NO it’s not  your friggin fault. There might be an extensive list why some men (if not most) cheat – maybe they felt emotional disconnection with their partners, or maybe they’re not satisfied with their current relationships, or maybe they’re just too coward to end the current relationship that they’d resort to cheating, or maybe they just couldn’t help it. Maybe there’s psychology behind the act, or just a plain evolutionary impulse. The list goes on and on and on. I’m not exactly sure. But here’s the sure thing: there is no effin’ valid reason to cheat. Not once, and not repeatedly. 

So why does your boyfriend (or husband) cheat? Because he thinks he can. Or, sad truth, because you let him feel that he can, because he knows you’d forgive him if he does. We – beautiful, intelligent, and strong women – most times fail to project our strength to our partners. We even fail to recognize it in ourselves in the first place – that we are strong, we are valuable. Most times we’d feel that we have so much to lose when we walk away from them. Oh, com’on! As Beyonce would put it, we run the world!


Some cheating men, when caught, would even put the blame to their partners – saying they cheated because they felt they were not respected, that the relationship has died down, that there’s no growth and it wasn’t satisfying anymore. SHUT the front door! Don’t ever fall prey to this kind of shizz. They cheated. End of story.


And you know women’s intuition, right? Trust that. Gut feel. Doesn’t fail. Most times.


And I’ve read 9 out of 10 women who’s being cheated on know that they’re being cheated on. Sometimes they lack conviction to confront their partners, because confrontation would mean that they have to make a decision. But most cheating boyfriends (and/or husbands) when confronted would never admit that they did. It’s rule no. 1, sisters. Even when they’re already caught and faced with hard evidences, they just won’t admit it to their partners. Trust me.


Lastly, I am not saying that only men cheat. Women do too. And as humor has it, women do it in style. And they don’t get caught.


Note: I don’t have years of research to back up my theory. Just my honest opinion.

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