Because just like praying, sometimes you start writing again when you’re left with nothing

Well, technically I am not left with nothing. I have a job, a place of my own, my family and friends, my interests and as cliche as it goes, myself. But you know, when shit goes down we almost always blow it out of proportion.

The past couple of weeks have been really difficult for me. I know I’ve been here before and I trust myself that I can move on from this. But all this means nothing right now (but only for now) because the pain is really paralyzing. It’s so hard to sleep at night, and in the morning it’s like I don’t even want to wake up. 

And what do I do? I write. Because writing forces me to think from the left side of brain, the logical side.

So I am keeping a journal again, it helps me keep my thoughts organized. I write down everything — thoughts, feelings, plans, food I eat, workouts I do, doodles, everything. It actually gives me a certain calm, the one that feels like I got my shit together despite the hard times.


Author: pinkurinal

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